Hidden Image Stereograms

Stereoframs are defined by being virtually impossible to see as 2D, with objects being magically exposed in 3D only when viewed correctly. This is the type image most commonly associated with stereograms. It is difficult to show anything with fine detail or long words, so it is necessary to keep objects simple and text short.

As with most of my stereograms, these images are a combination of stereogram types and are classified by their dominant elements.  All images on Color Stereo site are meant to be viewed wide-eyed.

Parade Horse

Call Me
Telephone handset

3D Prix

Apple PiFood for thought

The ChoirA trio of seranaders

Butterfly Pillows
Although this is the oldest image in this gallery,
it's still unique for a HIS stereogram
There's some object array elements
on the bottom as well as 2D on top

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